THE FAMILY: In Coronavirus Lockdown by VALERIO

San Diego, CA, November 1, 2020 Arredon Art is proud to present THE FAMILY: In Coronavirus Lockdown,  paintings by Cuban artist ELISA VALERIO opening to the public via our online gallery starting Monday, November 9th.

The title of this exhibition “The Family: In Coronavirus Lockdown” reflects the artists’ experience with her own family during the start of the pandemic and throughout the stay-at-home-orders.

The Family: In Coronavirus Lockdown

The Huddle 30×40

“My artistic inspiration comes in waves.  Sometimes it does not come at all, it can be temperamental.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I did not want to paint.  Like everyone else, I was gripped with fear and stress for myself (being in a high-risk group) for my family and for my community. My husband, who is also an artist, reminded me that the best thing we can do during such a crises was to paint.   So I started painting what was on my mind…my family.  I am fortunate to have 3 grown daughters who have helped keep me safe, but I could not see them nor my grandchildren.  All I got was phone calls and updates.  So my paintings reflect what I imagined my family and other families were all going through.  How they were feeling and how they were coping. Those feelings are what I attempted to capture in this collection.” – Elisa Valerio

Mi Bella Nina 24×18

Using acrylic paints with heavily textured backgrounds and generous use of color, Valerio features human-like beings with familiar expressions.  It is in these expressions that the viewer is pulled away from the physical reality of the subject and into a contemplation of the emotion portrayed.  Emotion such as fear, courage and resolution among others.  Throughout this collection, Valerio portrays examples of raw human emotion expressed through her own experience of the current times we are in.

Born in Cárdenas Matanzas, Cuba 1945  Valerio studied painting and design at La Habana University of Cuba.  After graduation, she married the artist Andres Valerio and worked alongside him as his mentee and advancing her craft while raising their own family.  In 1980, the family became residents of the United States.  In 2013, Valerio began dedicating herself full-time to her art and launched her solo career with national and international exhibits and commissioned by Oceania Cruises for several paintings.  Valerio joined Arredon Art in August of 2020 and describes her work as “satirical beauty”.  She continues to paint from her home in Florida with exhibitions and collectors in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.   

THE FAMILY: In Corona Virus Lockdown will be exhibited virtually starting  November 9th See the full exhibition at Arredon Art online gallery.  In person showings are also available by appointment only. For additional details or to schedule a virtual or private viewing , please contact Katie Jones at or call the gallery at 858-454-1231. 

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