Artist Lei Tang Opens 2017 with Figurative Abstract

Conducting a Symphony: A Rhythm of Visual Perception

La Jolla, CA, December 2016 – Monarch | Arredon Contemporary is pleased to present Conducting a Symphony: A Rhythm of Visual Perception by Chinese born artist LEI TANG.  This solo exhibition will feature twenty large and medium scale acrylic paintings on canvas with a preview opening on Saturday, January 21st and an artist reception the following weekend on Saturday, January 28th, from 4-7pm at Monarch | Arredon Contemporary located at 7629 Girard Ave, Suite C2, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Well versed in a variety of painting styles, Tang has chosen to feature works that seamlessly transition between abstract and figurative by combining the Western style of Fauvism and the Eastern style of Chinese calligraphy.  He exhibits movement and rhythm created by a composition of dots, lines and space that all come together naturally onto the canvas, like a watershed emptying into an ocean to form once source. With different colors and lines covering the canvas, it seems complex, yet like a symphony, is full of ordering of levels of sense. The colors collide to form a distinct rhythm of visual perception.

Lei Tang completed his undergraduate work at the Central Institute of Art and Crafts, Beijing, China.  It was there that he was trained and mentored by Wu Guanzhong (吳冠中, 1919–2010) one of the best-known contemporary painters of Chinese origin and is widely considered to be the founder of modern Chinese painting.  Later he and his young family moved to the United States where he received his Masters of Fine Art at the US International University, San Diego, CA.

Well recognized for his museum and gallery exhibitions in Beijing China, Tang continues his work as a full-time artist living and working in San Diego, California.  Conducting a Symphony will be on view at Monarch | Arredon Contemporary from January 21st to March 4th, 2017.