Monarch Gallery Positions Itself to Amaze

La Jolla Light Publishes Review of Spar Street Exhibition Opening

Spar Street works on exhibit through Aug. 6 at Monarch
By Willl Bowen 3:45 p.m. July 6, 2016   Updated 3:45  p.m. July 11, 2016


Something special has been going on at the Monarch Art Gallery in the Village. Owner Elsie Arredondo, who bought the gallery a couple of years ago from Leland Williams and moved it from the touristy Prospect location to the more serious art district, 7629 Girard Ave., has been putting together some exhibits that are charting a new direction for the arts in La Jolla.

Last month’s reception featured a multi-disciplinary performance by an electronic violinist, a dancer and a charcoal painter who produced a wall-sized painting as patrons watched in amazement. The June 25 reception featured world-renowned artist Spar Street, a towering figure in more ways than one — he stands 6-foot 6-inches tall. Spar has been commissioned by the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation to produce stainless steel heart-shaped sculptures in commemoration of its 100th anniversary that will be given out by the World Peace One Foundation to worthy individuals.

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