RAVENS by Larry Renzo Lewis on display starting in November 2017…

RAVENS: A Shared Human Experience by American artist Larry Renzo Lewis

Opens to the public on November 5th, 2017 – Exhibition will be on display until December 30th, 2017.  Contact the gallery for details.

‘Ravens’ is rich with symbolism and amassed layers of meaning, the show is the artist statement about our connection with the physical and metaphysical and our interconnectivity with all living and inanimate objects that share the journey of our existence. Symbolic elements permeate ‘Ravens’ including: rocks and stones that express permanence and continuity; twigs and sticks that embody the living, natural world; and the ravens which signify the guidance and wisdom that emerges from continuous communicated and a shared existence.

“Some notable feats of problem-solving have been observed in ravens and crows, leading to the belief that it is highly intelligent with the power of thought and the ability to have intuit meaning. Over the centuries, it has been the subject of mythology, folklore, art, and literature. in many indigenous cultures, ravens have been revered as a spiritual figure or god. moreover, the raven is a messenger, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries with immense knowledge.” – Larry Renzo Lewis