New Artist – Mendel Samayoa

Arredon Art Presents Mendel Samayoa

Arredon Art represents new artist, Mendel SamayoaSamayoa’s work is driven by his background in film-making, theater and architecture.  His brushstrokes bend light into shadows while creating a stage for abstract figures to come alive.  There is musicality and performance in his work, at times a serene melody and others a darker deeper base.  Each piece telling a human story. One can watch Samayoa explore an idea over the course of a body of work as he discovers new textures and mediums.  Samayoa shifts his attention to a new message as he proceeds from one piece to the next.  His “Textile” series is a departure from his previous work as he breaks from the traditional canvas to create more intuitively. Samayoa’s “Literary” series is based on poetry by Paolo Guinea, Samayoa employs pages of Guinea’s poetry into the canvas of his oil paintings converting the words into images. .

New works by Samayoa titled:  Energía y Concienciais from his “Literary” and “Textile” series is currently displayed on our online gallery.   The collection of paintings explores the energy surrounding all of us and the human consciousness that directs its movement.

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