Navigating Digital Art Solutions During COVID

With in-person viewings of art galleries closed, and art fairs gone – how have galleries been navigating digital art solutions during these uncertain times?

Navigating Digital Art Solutions

Arredon Art has a robust online gallery

It’s no secret that art galleries have had a tough time during the COVID pandemic. With no option of live and in person sales, many galleries only options were to figure out how to pivot online or face a rough reality of no sales. According to the ArtBasel report by Claire McAndrew, sales for galleries have fallen by 36% on average (with a median decline of 43%). This led many galleries to have to quickly come up with a plan on navigating digital art solutions during these uncertain times.

Andre Desjardins Exhibition

As restrictions lift, galleries are able to resume exhibitions like Andre Desjardins ‘FEELING BLUE’.

 Although traditional sales were steadily declining, online sales began to grow by 37%. Galleries began to turn to online viewing rooms, launching digital- series, and creating multiple ways to speak to their audience. Conversations and content became more authentic and intimate as artists hosted ZOOM talks, online showings, and behind-the-scenes content was created. Fortunately, Arredon Art is largely based online and has been able to adapt to provide the same level of service. Arredon Art’s online gallery continues to grow as new pieces are continually added. We have remained committed to bringing you the extraordinary artwork of our artists, and have enjoyed navigating digital art solutions such as our behind-the-scenes YouTube series, and creating content so you can get to know our artists more intimately. As restrictions begin to lift, we look forward to to bringing you more in-person exhibitions, as well as continuing our digital efforts. For any inquiries or general questions about our gallery, please contact us.