Monarch Partners Up with Food & Wine Startups

Monarch | Arredon Contemporary spices things up by partnering with two Food & Wine startups!

originally published on Boca Roja Baja Wine Adventures 

Monarch | Arredon Contemporary Art Owner and Director Elsie Arredondo has taken the lead on an exciting collaboration that will strengthen the ties between the fine art, wine and food communities in San Diego.   A long-time resident of La Jolla, CA, Mrs. Arredondo dreamed up this new venture when she discovered that a local art collector owned a world-class collection of sculptures from Mexican artists at his winery, Salerno Winery, right in her backyard in Ramona, CA.  She knows the art world inside and out but did not have the infrastructure to operate high-end tours which is why she contacted fellow La Jolla resident and travel/tourism entrepreneur Tim Barnes to fill in the missing pieces.

Tim Barnes founded Boca Roja | Baja Wine Adventures in December 2015 to share his passion for wine, food, craft beer and travel in Mexico with the rest of the world.  Boca Roja’s wine tasting and food tours are designed with the equal goals in mind – unpretentious luxury, personal growth through education and new experiences, and fun!  These objectives were exactly what Mrs. Arredondo wanted to offer their clients and Mr. Barnes had the infrastructure and expertise to execute the plan flawlessly.  With the art, wine and travel component covered, …more