Meet the Artist: Paul Kaplan

We would like to highlight, and are very excited for you to meet the artist Paul Kaplan! Arredon Art represents artists who specialize in the style of Expressionism and Fauvism, and Kaplan’s work blends seamlessly with our area of expertise.
Meet the artist PaulKaplan: Incentivize

Incentivize by Paul Kaplan highlights his vivid, bold, and contemporary expressionistic style

Kaplan chooses to work primarily with acrylic, ink and spray paint. His style is best described as expressionistic and he explores a multitude of human and social emotions through his work. What some see as mere objects and faces, he sees colors and emotions. His mixed media work can be best described as bold, vivid, and contemporary.

Paul Kaplan

Artist Paul Kaplan works primarily with acrylic, ink, and spray paint

Kaplan grew up influenced by the diversity of experiences and people of Southern California. Whether he spent time drawing, surfing, traveling, or panting each experience helped mold his personal narrative and own unique style of art. Kaplan furthered his education at the University of California at San Diego where he studied sociology, anthropology, and visual arts. During the pursuit of his Master of Arts, Kaplan was able to study under renowned professors including Eleanor Antin, Kim MacConnel, Faith Ringgold, Italo Scanga and Roman De Salvo. His education, training, and personal experience has helped him develop a style all of his own that infuses traditional methods with intense, vivid colors, and exaggeration in appearance with loose brushstrokes.
Momento by Paul Kaplan

Memento Mori by Paul Kaplan

Currently, Kaplan continues to travel broadly, exploring different cultures and enriching his knowledge. He lives and works in San Diego, where he also teaches Art History.  Arredon Art is proud to feature Paul Kaplan’s pieces and believes his unique expressionistic style blends perfectly with our expertise and vision.  All of Kaplan’s work can be viewed on our online gallery: HERE For any questions or general inquiries about Kaplan and his work, feel free to contact us.