Meet the Artist: Mendel Samayoa

Arredon Art represents an exceptional group of artists specializing in the style of Expressionism and Fauvism and working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, print, sketch or mixed media. We would like to highlight one artist in particular, and are very excited for you to meet the artist: Mendel Samayoa.

Textile Series III by Samayoa

Textile Series III by Samayoa utilizes hand woven textile as the canvas

One of our specialties, Expressionism, can be defined as  an “artistic style in which the artist seeks to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse within a person” (The Art Story). Samayoa’s work ties perfectly to this definition as his brushstrokes bend light into shadows while creating a stage for the canvas to come alive. There is musicality and performance in his all of his work.

The Decision by Mendel Samayoa

An original oil painting by Samayoa titled     The Decision

Samayoa’s work is driven by his background in film-making, theater and architecture. He is known for his layers of color and texture. Samayoa creates this visual texture by using a variety of mixed media and a very generous use of oil. Some of his most well known works are included in his Textile Series.

In the Textile Series, he challenged himself to work on a non-traditional surface. He used a base of hand woven, carefully selected textile pieces by well-known textile designer, Mitch Denburg. Through his work in the series, he respected the texture and patterns already present in textile, and created stories that would transform them into entirely new pieces of art. 

Weaving Studio for Mendel Samayoa

A photo of the Weaving Studio where Samayoa obtained the textile fabrics, made of wool, hand spun near Antigua, Guatemala,

Samayoa’s artistic talents were discovered at an early age, and he initially worked to pursue his artistic career full-time as a filmmaker and visual artist.  During this time, Samayoa explored visual expressions and started experimenting with acrylic, oil and ink. Today, he continues his work as a visual artist incorporating the disciplines of film making, architecture, theater and photography into all of his pieces.

Arredon Art is proud to feature Mendel Samayoa’s works and believes his style blends seamlessly with our area of expertise.  All of Samayoa’s pieces can be viewed on our online gallery: HERE

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