Meet The Artist: Elisa Valerio

We are so excited and honored to announce artist  ELISA VALERIO is now represented by Arredon Art. Meet The Artist: Elisa Valerio: 

Meet The Artist Elisa Valerio

Warrior by Elisa Valerio

Valerio was born in Cardenas Mantazas, Cuba and developed her talent and love for painting at the early age of five years old.  While in school, she was able to learn from some of the most influential Cuban artists of their time, including Andrés Valerio, Dioniso Rene, Luis Cernuda, and Carlos Trillo. After graduation she married Andres Valerio and worked alongside him as his mentee and advancing her craft.

Elisa Valerio Ella

Ella by Elisa Valerio

 The family became residents of the United States in 1980.  In 2013, Valerio launched her solo career with national and international exhibits. She was commissioned by Oceania Cruses for several paintings. Her museum exhibitions were featured all over the world including Miami, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Currently, Valerio continues to paint from her home in Florida and has collectors in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Arredon Art is honored and proud to feature Valerio’s works. If you have any questions or general inquiries, feel free to contact us.