Let us inspire you with our new location..

Did you know Our New Showroom is located in one of the most historic communities in San Diego?

Our new Spruce St location will further support our mission with a showroom in one of the most historic communities in San Diego – Bankers Hill. We are thrilled to be apart of an incredible community in our new space. Our showroom will be dedicated to the artists and artwork of Arredon Art. The new location will be used to host events, workshops, and performances – all with a goal to contribute to the many communities we serve. It is also worth noting our showroom location is just blocks away from Balboa Park, Museums, Zen Gardens, and the Suspension Bridge!

Bankers Hill History

bankers hill location

Getting modern services can be a challenge at such a historic location!

Developed in the 1890s, Bankers Hill sits just north of downtown. The neighborhood sits tucked away on a quiet hill and boasts incredible views of San Diego. The neighborhood quickly rose in popularity with affluent (many in banking) members of the era- hence the name Bankers! It is also home to some of San Diego’s most significant architecture.  Many of the homes, designed by famous architects such as Irving Gill, still stand today. The neighborhood is pedestrian friendly  and offers so much to see and do. These days, Bankers Hill has become a cultured community that is thriving with trends. Cafes, museums, restaurants, and incredible sight seeing are all within walking distance in Bankers Hill.  We are so excited to have our new showroom nestled into this incredible gem of San Diego!

Suspension Bridge 

Our showroom is on the same street as Spruce St. Suspension Bridge

One of our new neighbors is the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge! This footbridge was built in 1912, and was initially designed to provide pedestrians a passage across the deep canyon, and to help get between the new trolley lines built on Fourth and Fifth avenue. Currently,  it serves as a secret and serene spot, beloved by locals and visitors alike! From the spectacular vantage point of the bridge, visitors can soak in the serenity of the canyon’s landscape. The Suspension Bridge is located just a short walk from our new showroom location!

Destination Spot

Bankers Hill is also home to notable San Diego destinations. These include:
  • Balboa Park: Bankers Hill boarders Balboa Park. Our showroom is located just three blocks away! Balboa Park offers something for

    Balboa Park is located just three blocks away

    everyone. It is home to 16 museums, multiple performing arts venues, gardens, trails, and many other recreational attractions. The Timken Museum of Art is also located in Balboa Park. Affectionately called San Diego‚Äôs jewel box of fine art, this museum provides visitors with an enriching experience featuring a beautiful and robust collection. We can’t wait to do some exploring!
  • Zen Gardens: Tucked away in a tranquil setting surrounded by beautiful greenery lies the hidden gem that is San Diego Temple. Established by Paramahansa Yogananda, the temple offers a pause from the everyday.
  • Museums, cafes, shops & more: Bankers Hill is home to several cafes, restaurants, and decadent desserts. With the close proximity to Balboa Park and stunning architecture of the buildings – one can spend all day exploring.

Plan a Visit

We are so excited to call Bankers Hill home! Our new location furthers our mission to give back to the communities we serve. We can’t wait for you to come view our new space (and do some exploring around the neighborhood!) The new showroom location will open on Monday, January the 18th with availability between 11am and 6pm, Monday to Friday with showings by appointment only. For any inquiries or general questions, please contact us.