Give the Gift of Art

Holiday Season is approaching! Have you thought about giving the gift of art?

The gift of art is truly the gift that keeps on giving (not to sound too cliche here!) The gift of art shows forethought, effort, and a ‘knack’ for gift giving. Taking the time to choose art for your loved ones is an incredible way to show just how much they mean to you.  Giving art may seem daunting at first, but there is no wrong way to give the gift of art – just endless possibilities! Here are a few tips to giving art:
gift of art: Tibez

Tibez by Mendel Samayoa is a stunning piece for any art collector

Ask yourself – what is their taste?

Start by thinking what makes the person special to you and what are their personal tastes. Is their home modern and minimal or traditional and charming? Do they gravitate towards neutral tones or bold and vibrant colors? Do they prefer unique finds or more popular pieces? If the person you are buying for loves one-of-a-kind pieces, we recommend Tibez Mendel Samayoa. Tibez is apart of Samayoas “Literary Series” based on poetry by Paolo Guinea. Samayoa employs pages of Guinea’s poetry into the canvas of his oil paintings converting the words into images creating a truly unique piece. We suggest using your loved one’s personal style and tastes as cues to what works will be perfect for them!
gift of art: Desierto

Desierto by Mendel Samayoa is a perfect gift at $350

What is your budget?

It’s no secret that art comes at a price. Consider your budget when you begin researching pieces for that special someone. Arredon Art has several pieces under $1,000 that make the ideal gift to give any art collector! Desierto by Samayoa is an incredible piece at an even better price- $350. Desierto depicts a scene from the artists hometown in Guatemala, and will be the highlight of any room.

Where will they put it?

It is important to keep in mind the space the person has to work with. Consider their wall space and current decor. After-all, in order to be a worthwhile gift your loved one will have to hang it up! Giving a smaller piece allows for more flexibility, while still making a huge impact. Silencio by Mendel Samayoa is a prime example of a smaller piece that packs a big “punch”. Silencio measures at 21″ x 24″ and is also apart of Samayoa’s ‘Literary Series’. His brushstrokes bend light into shadows while creating a stage for the canvas to come alive.
gift of art Silencia

Silencio by Mendel Samayoa is a smaller piece that doesn’t compromise on impact

Buying for someone that lives far away?

Fortunately, Arredon Art is largely based online and is able to provide the same level of quality service you would expect from an in-person purchase. Our shipping options create a seamless and easy buying experience. We are also proud to offer a guarantee that your recipient will love their piece, or you will get a full refund! Giving the gift of art has never been this easy!

Not sure exactly what your loved ones will like?

If you can’t seem to put your finger on the perfect piece but still want to give the gift of art – don’t worry! Consider an Arredon Art Gift Card. Our gift cards are available online and can be customized to your desired amount. The gift of art is truly unique and expresses that you have put genuine thought and care into your gift! For any inquiries or general questions, please contact us