Arredon Art – Part of the ENA Art Group

To Inspire. To Inform. To Give Back.

Since 2013, Arredon Art has inspired a curiosity in the visual arts through our close relationships with our artists, collectors, and communities. Arredon Art is an online art gallery with a showroom and corporate office in San Diego, California. The Gallery represents an exceptional group of artists specializing in the style of Expressionism and working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, print, sketch or mixed media.  We believe in our artists and that every piece of art has a story, it is our responsibility to tell it well. But did you know Arredon Art is a part of something even bigger?


ENA Appraisals is a comprehensive fine art appraisal and advisory firm

The ENA Art Group is the parent company of both Arredon Art and ENA Appraisals. Together this trio strives to inspire through art, inform through appraisals, and give back to our communities through volunteer hours and financial donations. 

Arredon Art – Artist Mendel Samayoa discussing his work

When each component comes together under the umbrella of the ENA Art Group, our overarching mission is completed and our values are upheld.

Our mission and values are based on these 3 pillars: To Inspire. To Inform.  To Give Back.

  • Arredon Art inspires curiosity in the visual arts so that it may live on for generations to come.
  • ENA Appraisals informs clients so that they can manage their art collection and built their legacy.
  • The ENA Art Group manages both entities and gives back to the community through volunteer hours and financial donations. 

Hosting kids from A Reason To Survive (ARTS) w/ artist George Yepes

    If you have any questions or general inquiries, feel free to contact us.