Arts Around La Plaza: La Jolla’s newly-renovated gathering, exhibition space

La Plaza La Jolla joined forces with Monarch/Arredon Contemporary Gallery to currently host Arts Around La Plaza, a three-tier series of community arts and cultural events that showcase art, music, dance and lectures

La Jolla’s Monarch/Arredon Contemporary Gallery’s owner and director Elsie Arredondo described Arts Around La Plaza as a work of love created to invite the commercial mainstream public in while garnering the attention of the serious art community.
“Arts Around La Plaza is a collaboration,” said Elsie Arredondo, owner and director of the Monarch | Arredon Contemporary Art Gallery. “And community thrives through collaborations. Arts Around La Plaza will benefit not just locals and visitors, but La Jolla’s business community. Under the umbrella of Monarch | Arredon Contemporary Gallery, La Plaza La Jolla and Adgy Art, we proudly present artists, performing artists, musicians, dancers and poetry readings to make La Plaza La Jolla a happening place.”

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