How are Artists Responding to the Coronavirus?

The novel Coronavirus has changed lives for many – including artists around the world.

It’s no doubt Coronavirus has shaken up the world, especially the art community. With public institutions closing and ‘social distancing’ guidelines in place, it led us to ask – how are visual artists responding to Coronavirus?  Many have been forced to retreat to studios – some more makeshift than others. Garages, homes, and even blank walls on the side of buildings have become ‘home’ for many artists around the world. Many artists have also taken to sharing more of their work on social platforms, using it as a conduit to spread practical, positive, and personal messages. For many, this time has become one of self reflection and devotion to the craft.

Artist Mendel Samayoa using the extra time to organize his art studio

Artists are finding ways to keep their spirits up through these anxious times. Artist Mendel Samayoa usually has a very busy travel schedule and is enjoying his extra time with family and getting his studio organized.  He had a message for all of us to stay home and to take the time to enjoy some art,”We are at home but can still travel through art…emotions, feelings and love stories” Samayoa added. 

New Work titled Fear by Lei Tang

Artist Lei Tang, Chinese American, who has witnessed the impact of this virus earlier than most Americans, took to his canvas to create a painting titled Fear. “There’s something about this painting that gives my anxiety a place of rest” he offered. 

We at Arredon Art, can not wait to see all of the new art that will emerge during this time. Keep in mind that our artists and gallery remains active.  Please read Message to Our Community during this time. While it’s too soon to know how the Coronavirus will impact the art world in the long run, one thing remains true: artists will continue to work, inspire, and shape the story of history unfolding before us.