Vanguard Culture – Meet the Advisory Team

Gallery Director, Elsie Arredondo joins Vanguard Advisory Team Arredon Art has a Mission and a set of Values that compel and direct all our initiatives.  As such, we support a variety of community led functions for the arts and culture in San Diego.  Gallery Director, Elsie Arredondo has recently joined the team at Vanguard Culture [...]

LAAF 2019 – Collector’s Night

Arredon Art Event ARREDON ART hosted a collectors night at this year’s Latin American Art Fair. The night featured juried art exhibitions, Latin cuisine, craft Mexican beer, wines from Valle de Guadalupe, BC., and a variety of music and performance entertainment. New artist – Mendel Samayoa was one of the exhibitors and Arredon Art collectors [...]

New Artist – Mendel Samayoa

Arredon Art Presents Mendel Samayoa Arredon Art represents new artist, Mendel Samayoa.  Samayoa’s work is driven by his background in film-making, theater and architecture.  His brushstrokes bend light into shadows while creating a stage for abstract figures to come alive.  There is musicality and performance in his work, at times a serene melody and others [...]

The Importance of Exploring Art You Dislike

Why You Should Think Twice About Artwork You Don’t Like Learning to understand art you dislike often leads to discovering great art. The most common advice you will hear from the art world is: Buy what you like. Which is logical and good advice especially for new art collectors. Still, what about the artwork you […]

The Art of Giving – Art Auction

Arredon Art Auction Mendel Samayoa This holiday season, Artists Mendel Samayoa and Andre Desjardins along with Arredon Art, invite you to join us as we raise funds for this worthy cause.  100% of all proceeds from the Art of Giving  - Art Auction will be donated to the Thrive Animal Rescue so that they can continue their mission of rescuing [...]

M A L U & Pita Zapot Perform During San Diego Arts Weekend

M A L U + PITA ZAPOT = Phenomenal Duo October 12th and 13th was San Diego's Latin American Art Show and Art San Diego.  Both events featured visual artists from across the country and around the world.  One delightful addition this year, was a M A L U & Pita Zapot Perform.  Los Angeles-based [...]