In Danger of Extinction Opens to Great Acclaim

Cory Bennett's In Danger Of Extinction Opens to Great Acclaim!

The opening for Cory Bennett’s solo exhibition was very well attended, we were honored with the presence of many of our local friends, as well as new friends who traveled from along the coast to experience In Danger of Extinction. Walking through the gallery, one could hear murmurs, tidbits of long discussions about what it was exactly that made these gorgeous pieces so seducing. Surely, their beauty alone could not hold a viewer captive for as long as we were being held- something else was at play here. Suddenly a voice said, “It makes me miss California, can’t quite pinpoint where, or when, but there was a time and a place that once felt like this. This beautiful, this romantic, this golden. I miss that. And I feel like I’m there again, when I look at these.”

We felt it too, this nostalgia for a California beach sunset that is so much a part of who we are here in our beautiful golden state. Something so precious, so rare that we can both indulge in it and miss it at the same time. That’s what Bennett’s pieces had been trying to tell us. This juncture between consumption and preservation, between nature and humans, between beauty and meaning. It was all here. The walls of the gallery are lined with 24 pieces. Each one, as breathtaking as the next. Each one it’s own microcosm, inhabited by layers upon layers of color, text, media, nostalgia. Enough layers to keep us all inthralled, and blissful in that state of California dreaming. As precious as that very last ounce of light before the sun finally sets, and those memories in all of us, that if not for art like Bennett’s, just might be in danger of extinction.


The exhibition will be on view through April 23rd, 2016.